Microsoft Validated Control Panel for Lync - MachPanel Lync

Posted: July 31, 2013

Yorba Linda, California – July 31, 2013 - MachSol is excited to have another recognition for its flagship cloud automation solution – the MachPanel®. At this time, MachPanel Lync has gained the status of "Microsoft Validated Lync Application" besides MachPanel Orchestration Module for Microsoft Exchange’s acknowledgement as Microsoft Validated Control Panel for Exchange 2010 SP2 and Exchange 2013.

Microsoft Validated Control Panel for Lync - MachPanel Lync

MachPanel is premium cloud automation solution that simplifies windows based cloud hosting and streamlines complete business operations via single control panel. MachPanel Lync enables service providers to experience state of the art unified business automation solution that is validated and approved by Microsoft. It brings you provisioning, management and billing controls and helps you run business with efficiency and results in increased ROI because MachPanel Lync’s automatic provisioning service enables you save time, reduce operational cost and increase overall throughput. On top of it, MachPanel Lync is Integrated with internal billing and helpdesk modules to further bootstrap your business operations.To take it yet further, MachPanel Lync is pre-integrated with Microsoft Office 2013 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10) to empower a comprehensive UC framework. We at MachSol, help you to plan, design and deploy the complete UC solution by certified professionals having sufficient expertise, skillset and knowledge.If you have not tried MachPanel Lync so far then buy online from the store and contact us for UC turnkey services and solution.

Why to Choose MachSol?

MachSol is a true global market leader in Cloud Automation Software and has been providing innovative solutions for over a decade in the industry based on impeccable values that are strongly embedded in every cornerstone of the business and its processes. Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) and Telecom companies uses MachPanel® for cloud enabled hosted services platform delivering hosted Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, CRM, Hyper-V, BlackBerry and Web Hosting. We offer our clients a unique competitive advantage, powerful global brand, our extraordinary competence in technology and design and the many synergies with our channels and partners.

About MachSol

In the mid-nineties MachSol's inner core was established by its founder Max Roosenbrand, a self-made entrepreneur. MachSol's brand name originated from "Machine Solutions" defining precisely what we do. Not less important is that MachSol is founded on impeccable values embedded in every cornerstone of our business. We are strongly committed to serving our partners and delivering the latest in-house developed products. We are a Software and Service company committed in delivering state of the art hosting and cloud orchestration solutions.

Moreover MachSol is a debt free company and a Microsoft Certified Partner with worldwide locations in the USA, Europe and Asia. For the last ten years in a row we are the first company releasing the latest orchestration products, supporting a wide variety of Microsoft technologies.

Our impressive list of clients are fortune 500 companies, Hosting Providers, Cloud Service Providers, Governments, Financial institutions and telecom providers.

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