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Transforming how you offer Remote Desktop Services

MachPanel Orchestration Module for Remote Desktop Services

Hosting Service providers can now offer virtual (personal / pooled) desktops and terminal sessions from their own datacenter (Hardware) to customers, making best use of allocated hardware resources. With Desktops hosted in the cloud, there is no need to invest in an infrastructure setup. Adapt to changing environments and situations without paying extra with this easy-to-manage solution.

With only a reliable internet connection, you can have access to a single panel to manage RDS session collections, RDS virtual desktop collections, RDS Servers, user’s associations and many via MachPanel Remote Desktop Service Module.

MachPanel Meets the Needs of your Business

Remote Desktop Services Business Management Platform

Showcase, Bundle and Sell

With MachPanel you can showcase, bundle and sell multi-tenant RDS services via customized storefront and stay in control of all plans and subscriptions to leverage the benefits of the robust platform.

End to End Orchestration

Enrich your business with smooth RDS experience with end-to-end orchestration and multiple client sessions service delivery experience. The robust platform provides end to end multitenancy and provisioning of RDS services to handle multiple sessions at the same time efficiently.

Easy Billing

Get a simplified billing experience along with consolidated invoicing all in one place via MachPanel for multi-tenant RDS Services. You can opt for direct billing and leverage all the financial operations related to provisioning of RDS services.

Self Service Portal

With a self-service portal managed in the cloud, multi-tenant RDS services can be requested and managed with full control. Provisioning and management of various requests for multiple client sessions is simplified via MachPanel.

MachPanel is now offering Remote Desktop Services

With MachPanel you can now leverage the power of cloud for Desktop services

Multi-tenant / segregation support enable better collaboration for multiple Remote desktop clients and multiple RDS Servers groups per RDS collection.

Stay in control of your environment by Adding or removing RDS servers and RDS Session collections.

Manage applications form the cloud with Remote application management (add/remove) via virtual desktop collections.

Manage Users and their sessions you can send messages to users, check session state, view session and check for related host servers.

Manage User experience with options like Lock screen timeout, Drive Space Threshold, Disable Task Manager, Disable Screen Saver and many more.

Detailed server session settings you can manage Session settings, individual client settings and security settings.

Single Sign-in RDS is tightly coupled with Cloud Folders and allows for a single sign in option with other Microsoft Services like SharePoint, Exchange, Skype4B etc.

With a professional team of experts, Remote Desktop Services are deployed on your organization in the most reliable manner.


MachPanel Automation Module for Remote Desktop Services

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