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Empowering Microsoft CSPs end-to-end business management platform

Showcase Bundle & Sell

Showcase, Bundle and Sell Integrated offers and services through white labelled customized storefront with complete control over subscription and plans.

End to End Automation

Accelerate your success with complete business orchestration of Microsoft O365 & Azure. Provision, Manage, support & Bill Microsoft CSP.

Own & Control the billing

Automate all aspects of your financial operations with ability to Direct billing to customers with unified & consolidated invoices to simplify the billing process for Microsoft Office365, Azure CSP Billing.

Grow & Manage your indirect-reseller ecosystem through a single platform

MachPanel helps you run, secure and manage the complete lifecycle of CSP indirect-reseller portfolio with a trusted foundation to drive better business outcomes.

  • Simple Onboarding
  • Complete White-labelled Self Service Portals
  • No more billing worries with our Automated Billing and payments
  • Built-in Marketplace
  • Automated Subscription Management
  • Extensive Support for New Commerce Experience
  • Maximize profitability with Customized margins and Value added services
    ... and more
Ingram Micro

Embrace the change, Stay ahead with MachPanel for New Commerce Experience in Microsoft CSP

As Microsoft CSP Partner, MachPanel address all the key challenges faced by CSPs for seat-based offers in the Microsoft new commerce experience
  • Selling & Provisioning of Legacy CSP Offers and new Commercial SaaS products
  • Packaging and Bundling with different billing cycle, commitment term with the ability to set your own customized Margins and Market via Built-in Marketplace
  • Complete Automated Subscription Management & Recurring Billing with Payment Processing for both legacy CSP and NCE Products with Seat increase, decrease, Cancellation, Auto-renewals and schedule setting for Auto renewals
  • Make your life easier with Import functionality to import tenants with NCE products or Import NCE products to Existing tenants
  • Streamline pricing by importing pricing for CSP NCE products
  • Detailed Reporting , Analytics & Complete Usage Calculations bird eye view
  • Monitor pulse of your business and make better informed decisions with BI Dashboard views right from MachPanel New

Product Overview

List of Amazing Features

N tier Self-Service Management

Unique customer experience with User friendly self-service tools for Provider, Reseller & end customers.

Hybrid Packaging

Amazing Ability to offer & Manage both On-premise & Cloud services for each tenant.

Multiple CSP Profiles

Maximize your business opportunities by selling in multiple regions.

Tenant Provisioning and Management

Tenant Provisioning & management has never been that easy. A single click operation for User creation and license management.

CSP Sync

Sync Tenants, Subscriptions, Licenses, Users, Roles and Groups between Office365 & MachPanel.

Extensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting for MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP Usage, Subscription & detailed usage report with the ability to extract or schedule report.


Get your business growing with ready to go reseller programmes. Supporting both Subscription & Commission based resellers.

Group Operations

Save time and improve efficiency with Group actions. Advanced filtering capabilities to perform different day to day operations without using PowerShell.

Microsoft Office 365

Your time is precious. We know how to get the most of it. Get on board with MachPanel for a smooth sail. Monthly subscription issues and other O365 requirements are all streamlined.
  • Get your sales up in no time. Showcase, bundle and sell your offerings with a hybrid marketplace and experience Faster time to revenue.
  • Go the extra mile with Orchestration and make O365 Reselling hassle-free.
  • Deliver the goods with O365 provisioning at a competitive price and get most bang for your buck.
  • Experience a simplified O365 licensing with MachPanel.

Microsoft Azure

Get all the right tools needed to tackle pain points in Azure Provisioning are tackled with Experts at MachPanel. We know best how to smoothen your cloud journey. With best-in-line billing and top-notch hybrid marketplace, you get all that is needed to streamline business processes.
  • Stay in control of resource consumption, own and control the billing procedures your way apart from getting monthly costs estimates.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging your customers with a friendly purchasing experience.
  • Monitoring is made easy with a BI dash board. Decision making is now easier than ever.
  • Leverage margin setting and stay right on track for a successful cloud business with Azure Provisioning.

WHMCS Integration

DO EVEN BETTER with MachPanel

Billing | Customer Management | Ordering | Provisioning

MachPanel offers seamless WHMCS integration with fully automated ordering and provisioning for your Microsoft CSP NCE offerings with the ability to Suspend, Resume and link to manage subscription. Also automates Add-ons thus helps you save time. You can even Suspend and Resume of individual offer(s) within the CSP Subscription.

WHMCS Integration
Fulfill All Microsoft CSP Requirements

As a CSP Partner you have to fulfill many Microsoft requirements. In order to continue your Cloud journey you have to ensure you have the right solution provider who can help you fulfill these requirements today and ready to assist you as they change for tomorrow. Look no further, MachSol is the answer to get compliant and Continue as a Successful CSP !

Key capabilities you have to demonstrate today.

  • Customer Solution Application Or A minimum of one managed service
  • A secure and solid infrastructure for billing & provisioning
  • Accept and update Microsoft agreement consent

Get started today to achieve your compliance.

Accelerate the digital transformation
Convert customers into relationship, our active development ensures you get new features and updates regularly.
  • Import tenants without licenses.
  • Control panel authentication via Azure AD.
  • SharePoint Management for O365 Tenants.
  • Subscription and conversion of trial offers.
  • Ability to change CSP subscription package and billing cycle.
  • You can now move CSP\O365 service between two customers.
  • New Monthly Reseller report, you can now check resellers monthly usage for select month and year.

Why MachPanel?

MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP can you help you seize the new commerce experience (NCE) opportunity & transform the way you do Microsoft cloud business.

MachPanel Pricing


Get started with minimal upfront investment and keep your costs down with cost effective per user cost.

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We offer special pricing for Educational institutions to help you get the technology you need to enhance learning.


We offer special tailored packages to fit your needs, no matter the size of your agency.

MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP Pricing X
One-Time Setup Fee:

Firstly you pay a one-time Setup Fee for MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP Module.

Monthly Usage Fee:

You can get started as low as only $49/month.

What is Included:
  • Control Panel Installation
  • Control Panel Configuration
  • One Month Cancellation
  • Free Training
  • Free Product Upgrades
  • No Long term agreement
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Remote Servers
  • Unlimited AD’s & Roles
  • Includes every feature we offer for MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP
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