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MachPanel Active Directory Manager

MachPanel Active Directory Manager helps Active Directory administrators to easily manage, expedite and automate day-to-day tasks. It enables administrators to manage On-premises and Hosted cloud services like Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Microsoft Office 365, Teams and more using unified and simple to user interfaces and reports. MSP admins can even sync data from multiple Active Directories to target Active Directory using MachPanel tool for Active Directory Synchronization.

Unified Active Directory Management Solution

True Active Directory (AD) management and reporting solution that allows administrators and techniciansto manage AD objects easily and generate instant reports.

Automated Active Directory identities Provisioning
Simplified AD Management
Realtime Powerful AD Reporting
Enhanced Security
Powerful AD Self Service Portal

Active Directory Features

360* provisioning

Provision users simultaneously in AD, Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business, Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft enterprise applications.

Active Directory Password Management

Comprehensive AD users password management where you can configure password policy to ensure password complexity. Configure settings like user must change password at next logon, Set password to never expire and more.

Hybrid Management

Create and Manage Office365 Users, Exchange Mailboxes and other On-premise application users directly from single interface.

AD Delegation

Delegated OU structure where AD admin can perform administrative tasks within their own OU.

Enhanced Security

Enhance security with measures like Users Lock/Unlock, blocking, Password regulations etc

AD user creation and Management

Create and manage AD users with ease.

AD Bulk User Creation and Management:

Create and Manage AD users accounts in bulk using CSV files.

AD Groups Creation & Management:

Simplified AD security and distribution groups creation and management.

Active Directory Reporting

Gain visibility with real time Powerful reports of Active/Inactive/Locked/Disabled AD Users, Security and distribution Groups, Contacts and more.

Empowering Self Service

Intuitive Active Directory User Self Service Portal

Shift your service delivery into high gear and don’t let routine tasks like password rest, unlock account, MFA etc. be a stumbling block in advancing your organization’s digital transformation.MachPanel user friendly active directory self-service portal helps you empower your AD Users. Self-service features are delegated via access permissions.


Your dashboard offers you bird eye view of cloud service enabled and can even have custom external links.

Profile Management

View and update all attributes of your AD Profile where you can even update your AD profile picture.

Password Management

AD user can now reset their own password without the need of old password.

Multifactor Authentication

Enable MFA for Authentication

Unlock Account

Enable AD Users to unlock their own domain account.

Self Service User Enrollment

Reset password and Unlock account with:

  • Secret code using email
  • Secret code using SMS
  • Security Questions

Enhanced Security

Streamlined Security Policy and Permissions

Meet your Critical Microsoft AD environment Security needs and auditing requirements.Increase IT efficiency and minimize security risks with granular security checks and next level fine grained password policy management.

Password Policy

Simplified Granular management of Password-Policy for individual organization

Create, assign and manage multiple Password-policy for your organization.

Create own Password Policy from self-service portal.

Create different Password-Policy for different set of users in even each organization

Attributes for Password Settings:

  • Enforce password history
  • Maximum password age
  • Minimum password age
  • Minimum password length
  • Passwords must meet complexity requirements
  • Store passwords using reversible encryption

Implement Account Lockout Policy

  • Auto lock policy for failed Attempts
  • Reset the number of failed logon attempts after (minutes):
  • Account will be locked out for (minutes):

Intuitive yet Advanced Reporting

Monitor & Analyze your Active Directory Users, Groups and Contacts

MachPanel comprehensive Active Directory Reporting enables IT Admins to quickly audit AD resources.

AD Users Report

You can now list all active directory user accounts in selected organization in fact you can take it to the next step with individual reports for each on the below:

  • Last logon
  • Inactive Users
  • Locked out Users
  • Disabled Users
  • Never Logged on
  • Users with password never expires
  • Recently Created Users
  • Recently deleted users

AD Groups Reporting

Detailed reporting of Active Directory groups where you can view groups, its members etc for both Distribution & Security groups. Our AD groups reporting include separate reports for:

  • List Groups
  • Group Members Report
  • Recently Deleted Groups
  • Security Groups Report
  • Distribution Groups Report
  • Recently Deleted Groups Report

AD Contacts Reporting

Detailed AD contacts reporting where you can keep an eye on all AD contacts objects. Our AD contacts reports include:

  • All Contact Objects Report
  • Mai Enabled Contacts Report
  • Recently created Contacts
  • Recently deleted contacts
  • Recently modified Contacts Report

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