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MachPanel Orchestration Module for Microsoft Hyper-V - VPS Control Panel

Add More Power to VPS Hosting Business by addressing Cloud Service Delivery Challenges


MachPanel enables IAAS service providers and data centers to experience virtualization arena of Public, Private and Hybrid clouds. Now, you can offer your clients fully segregated VPS provisioning, hosting and management with tremendous benefits and robust management controls that maximize your revenue.

MachPanel orchestration solution for Hyper-V with support for Microsoft Windows Server 2022/2019 and legacy versions including Windows server 2016/2012 R2 empowers you to experience state of the art virtualization solution for all of your cloud management need.

MachPanel enables IaaS and PaaS providers to raise a virtual setup in minutes and offer fixed resources and usage based VMs with ability to select OS template and manage all machine operations through an intuitive and powerful self service portal.

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Innovate Faster, Empower Customers & Accelerate IT Operations

The leading Orchestration and Management Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V


Via Fully white labelled self-service control panel you can let your customers instantly create VMs and manage all operations. Allow them to get KVM level web Access to their VM.

Delegated Administration

Control access via effective permissions for admins and customers. Now you can delegate all the exchange core admin features to your customers.

Time to Market

Instantly go live and capitalize the market as our team will take care of Control Panel Installation, configuration and even provide you training.

Scale your Business

Built-in Subscription and Commission based reseller programs let you expand your reach and offer new business generation opportunities.

Brilliant Billing

Whether you need to bill your customer based on Usage, Per VM, Bulk resources, Additional bandwidth or CPU cores our comprehensive billing makes it all happen for you in real-time.

Monitoring & Reporting

Advanced Inventory, Monitoring of Storage & Server health including CPU, Memory, Services, Event Logs. Real time Usage & SPLA reporting.

Authentication and Security

Multiple Factor authentication, Single sign-on, IP Lock-down Policy, Login via ADFS, SSL Protection & encryption.

End to End Orchestration

Automate every step from Store, Payment, Provisioning, Multi-tenancy, Web Console Access and Auto Generated emails to get started.

We support Microsoft Hyper-V like no one else does

  • Fully Automated VPs Provisioning with Geo-redundant Hyper-V Infrastructure Support
  • Both Hyper-V Standalone and Failover clustered deployments (Live and quick migration) Supported
  • Multiple Selling Options for Providers and resellers in multiple currencies and payment cycles
    • Fixed Price bulk resources selling
    • Metered Billing: Instant Usage Instant Bill New
    • Single VM Selling, both fixed price & Usage based
    • Additional Resource Selling through Add-ons
  • Detailed Inventory for Bare Metal and Hypervisors New
  • Detailed Hyper-V Monitoring for Storage, CPU/Memory, Event Logs, Services and VM Usage New
  • Server Group & Server Level Detailed resources usage graphs New
  • Public IP, Private IP, Natted IP, DNS Pools management
  • Hyper V virtual Switches manipulation with VM based VLAN Tagging
  • Multiple VHDs storage location on different Storage Tiers
  • Bandwidth metering with auto suspend/resume
  • Group Operations and Detailed VM Level Usage Reporting
  • Detailed Storage usage Calculation per VM, Total Disk Space, Consumed Disk space including snapshot space
  • Web Console, KVM level access for VMs New, Thumbnail Preview
  • Detailed VM level Management options:
    • ON/OFF/Reset/ Suspend, Change Password
    • Change NetBIOS name and resources (RAM, CPU, License Key)
    • Add/Expend/Move VHDs with multiple VHDs per VM option
    • Attach Multiple ISO
    • Attach Multiple NICs from different subnet Pools
    • Live and quick migration to move to best available node
    • Virtual Machine move among Hyper-V Cluster Nodes
  • In demand open-source Operating Systems (Linux flavors) supported
  • Comprehensive Integration with WHMCS
  • Showcase-able on store front with API Plug In
  • Sealed images, ISO Images, OS Licensing, Detailed snapshots Management

WHMCS Integration

DO EVEN BETTER with MachPanel

Billing | Customer Management | Ordering | Provisioning

MachPanel offers seamless WHMCS integration with fully automated ordering and provisioning for your Microsoft Hyper-V offerings with the ability to Suspend, Resume, link to manage subscription and Web Console. Also automates Add-ons thus helps you save time. You can even view VM name and IP in WHMCS which helps in troubleshooting.

WHMCS Integration

MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Hyper-V

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View minimum service requirements for MachPanel Orchestration Module for Microsoft Hyper-V.

MachPanel Orchestration Module for Microsoft Hyper-V Requirements

Microsoft Hosted Hyper-V Service
  • MachPanel Control Server
  • MachPanel Remote Server
  • Physical Server with Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V role OR Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V
  • MachPanel VPS module license

Proof of Concept (POC)

Try MachPanel Orchestration Module for Microsoft Hyper-V before you buy


Proof of Concept (POC)

Try MachPanel Orchestration Module for Microsoft Hyper-V before you buy

Pricing and Packages

View Pricing and Packages or contact Sales for details.

MachPanel Orchestration Module for Microsoft Hyper-V Pricing

One-Time Setup Fee:

Firstly, you pay a one-time setup fee for MachPanel Orchestration Module for Microsoft Hyper-V.
After this you subscribe to Subscription packages.

Subscription Packages:

You can subscribe to Monthly or Yearly packages and upgrade/downgrade as per your requirements. Packages starting as low as only 99/month

What is Included:
  • Control Panel Installation
  • Control Panel Configuration
  • One Month Cancellation
  • Free Training
  • Free Product Upgrades
  • No Long term agreement
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Remote Servers
  • Unlimited AD’s & Roles
  • Includes every feature we offer for Hyper-V
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