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MachSol is committed in making it easy for Service Providers to be part of the growing Cloud Industry together with Microsoft, by introducing the newest MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP module

Posted: June 01, 2017

YORBA LINDA, Calif., June 1st, 2017 - MachSol www.machsol.com is committed in making it easy for Service Providers to be part of the growing Cloud Industry together with Microsoft, by introducing the newest MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP module.

MachSol the world's leading Cloud orchestration solution provider has been working extensively with Corporates, Hosting Providers and Managed Service Providers around the globe by automating their cloud offerings. Hence helping them to cut down their operational costs and giving them an opportunity to focus on the core business.

With the Release of Microsoft's CSP Program, everyone wanted to join, but at the same time they did not wanted to lose business opportunities with current on-premises third-party offerings. MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP module exactly offers that, MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP module is a complete Hybrid Control Panel aimed at providing a perfectly aligned solution for managing and selling all your opportunities through a single Control Panel.

One-step ahead

Taking their customers one-step ahead of the competition, MachSol offers a complete white labelled marketplace. With MachPanel Orchestration Platform for Microsoft CSP Module, Direct partners can own and automate the complete business cycle of their Microsoft Cloud Customers including Product Packaging, Selling, on-boarding, Billing, Reporting Support.

"Fulfilling our promise of Excellence, we are committed to take CSP direct partners, Cloud Providers and On-premise Service Providers to new heights" Says Max Roosenbrand, Chief Executive Officer at Machsol "MachPanel is the most reliable, scalable and globally recognized cloud orchestration solution at this moment available and everyone can be part of the growing cloud industry".


MachPanel is a Microsoft Validated Control Panel, supporting the Microsoft Cloud Offerings and the latest versions of Microsoft on premise offerings of Exchange, Skype4Business, SharePoint, Hyper-V, Dynamics 365 and IIS. MachPanel will reshape your entire business from service acquisition to delivery and management to reporting. On top of this MachSol's certified technology experts can help you design, deploy and maintain your customers infrastructures using industry leading best practices and years of experience.

"With our complete business orchestration offering we help our partners cutting down operational costs and improve overall efficiency and productivity. We are maximizing their ROI with our new CSP module: Partners can launch Microsoft's Cloud services to the market much faster, it allows them to be up and running in just a few clicks!" says Dietger Koopmans, General Manager MachSol EMEA. "We offer a complete worry-free experience due to our award winning 24/7 unlimited support team and lifetime software maintenance and updates. We are here to minimize your time-to-market and deliver the right results for long-term success!"

About MachSol

In the mid-nineties MachSol's inner core was established by its founder Max Roosenbrand, a self-made entrepreneur. MachSol's brand name originated from "Machine Solutions" defining precisely what we do. Not less important is that MachSol is founded on impeccable values embedded in every cornerstone of our business. We are strongly committed to serving our partners and delivering the latest in-house developed products. We are a Software and Service company committed in delivering state of the art hosting and cloud orchestration solutions.

Moreover MachSol is a debt free company and a Microsoft Certified Partner with worldwide locations in the USA, Europe and Asia. For the last ten years in a row we are the first company releasing the latest orchestration products, supporting a wide variety of Microsoft technologies.

Our impressive list of clients are fortune 500 companies, Hosting Providers, Cloud Service Providers, Governments, Financial institutions and telecom providers.

Please visit our website for more information at https://www.machsol.com or Contact our sales department by email sales@machsol.com or give us a call during business hours:
US: +1 877 622 4765 | EMEA: +31 88 622 4765 | APAC: +61 28 015 5250

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