Complete Orchestration for Hosted Work Folders Service Providers and Enterprises

Work Folders: The solution to file syncing with Hosted File Servers

MachPanel Control Panel for hosted Work Folders enables you to sell Microsoft Work Folders as hosted solution on cloud. It simplifies billing, provisioning, management with built-in multi-tenancy and segregation for Microsoft Work Folders for cloud delivery and on-premise setup.

MachSol offers turn-key services to secure all users’ data on file servers synced on all devices, stored on-premise at your own file infrastructure of the organization. The files are accessed based on users’ roles This adds for security and also Integrity of files data stored on the server.

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Work Folders User’s Data management platform

All-in-one file sync platform

Like OneDrive for business, Work Folders is a file sync platform for employee’s devices and corporate file servers.

Centralized Management System

Manage file storage with a centralized management system with a secured access and file sync mechanism across multiple end-user devices.

Gateway to productivity

With Work Folders, you can offer a better secured environment ideal for information access across multiple devices and offer a gateway to better User’s data accessibility.

Ensure security for all

The documents, the devices and the organizational knowledge base.

We support Microsoft Work Folders like no one else does


Microsoft Work Folders

  •   MachPanel Control Server
  •   MachPanel Remote Server
  •   Microsoft Work Folders
  •   Active Directory infrastructure and defined privileged access rights for MachPanel provisioning service account

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Pricing and Packages

One-Time Setup Fee: Firstly, you pay a one-time setup fee for MachPanel Orchestration Module for Microsoft Work Folders. After this you subscribe to Subscription packages.

Subscription Packages: You can subscribe to Monthly or Yearly packages and upgrade/downgrade as per your requirements. Packages starting as low as only 99/month.

What is Included:
  •   Control Panel Installation
  •   Control Panel Configuration
  •   One Month Cancellation
  •   Free Training
  •   Free Product Upgrades
  •   No Long term agreement
  •   Unlimited 24/7 Support
  •   Unlimited Remote Servers
  •   Unlimited AD’s & Roles

Includes every feature we offer for Work Folders