MachPanel CRM offers you everything you may need to provision, manage and administer hosted Microsoft CRM 2013 and legacy versions. MachPanel allows you sell and bill your customers for Hosted CRM. It is fully private labeled and offers self-control tools for resellers and end-customers.

MachPanel CRM - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Control Panel

MachPanel CRM Control Panel MachPanel CRM implements all operations Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/2011/4.0 together with support for multi-tenancy, enabling your enterprise to improve productivity and work smarter.

MachPanel CRM module adds billing, provisioning and management of Microsoft CRM Services to your hosted services platform. This CRM automation allows your enterprise to perform better and in entirety, by covering every functional capability (e.g. CRM Organization creation/deletion, Enable/Disable CRM Organization, CRM organization/user/roles management, reporting etc.)

If you are planning to start hosted Microsoft CRM Service or looking to migrate from an older version then contact us today to schedule a call with our CRM specialist or to schedule a demo of MachPanel CRM.

Hosted Dynamics CRM Service through MachPanel

Hosted CRM service through MachPanel means more profitability, efficiency, ease and customer satisfaction. Key benefits of using MachPanel for Hosted CRM Service are:
  • Easy to create and manage service plans and provisioning
  • Convenience to manage billing with advanced built-in billing system
  • Empowers service selling and delegated administration
  • Easy to use and advanced management control panel
  • Combined power that bring additional business capabilities

Hosted CRM Power Unleashed

MachPanel CRM makes it an extremely advanced, fully brand-able, and affordable control system for seamless delivery of enterprise hosting CRM service. Following are some of the salient features of Dynamics CRM Server 2013/2011/4.0:

Following are some of the key features of MachPanel CRM:
Control Panel
  • Fully Private Labeled Control Panel for Provider, Resellers and End Customer
  • Self Service Tool for Reseller, End Customer & even for End User
  • A single Control Panel for Multiple CRM deployments
  • Storefront integration
  • Automated ordering and provisioning

Dynamics CRM Management
  • Dynamics CRM Organization Provisioning and Management
  • Business Units & User Management
  • Multiple domain Handling (UPN suffixes)
  • Organization/User listing
  • Segregated OU structure
  • Multiple Security Roles Handling
  • CRM Server Group Management
  • DNS Handling
  • Enable/Disable CRM Organizations
  • Enable/Disable CRM Business Units & Users
  • Multilingual Support
  • Default view(s) settings
  • Ability to Sync CRM Business Units
  • Claims-Based authentication & IFD support (ASFS)
  • Bulk User creation

Billing and Reporting
  • Detailed Usage Reports with the ability to Extract in Excel and Auto Schedule
  • SPLA Reporting including Per Customer with the ability to Extract in Excel and Auto Schedule
  • Usage Reports

DNS Management
  • Auto Generated DNS Records for CRM Domains

Add On
  • State of the art Import Utility for Importing Existing CRM organizations/Users into MachPanel for Management
  • Manage multiple Operations on a Single click using Group Action functionality

Supported Versions
  • Dynamics CRM 4.0
  • Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Dynamics CRM 2013
There are a lot more features which you can check in MachPanel CRM Data Sheet

Turn-Key Hosted Dynamics CRM Services

MachSol Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner, provides comprehensive solutions and services for Microsoft products including CRM 2013/2011 deployment, configuration, integration and maintenance. At MachSol, we have certified engineers with hands on experience of Microsoft CRM infrastructure Design and Deployment globally. We offer turn-key Microsoft CRM solutions that include following:
  • Designing and recommendation of CRM platform ensuring:
    • High availability, scalability, security
    • Cost effectiveness based on industry knowledge and best practices
  • Installation and configuration of CRM platforms
  • Knowledge transfer and maintenance of CRM platform

Microsoft CRM Migration

MachSol offers complete turnkey solution for migration of legacy Dynamics CRM platform to state of the art CRM 2011 platform ensuring minimal downtime and service disturbance. We can also help you to migrate from other control panel with ready to go migration toolkits

MachPanel CRM Requirements

These are MachPanel Provisioning System's minimum service requirements.

MachPanel Hosted Dynamics CRM 2013/2011/4.0

  • MachPanel Control Server
  • MachPanel remote server on:
    • In case of Single Server Deployment
      • Front-end Server/Application Server
    • Multi-tier architecture
      • Front-end Server
      • Deployment Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/2011/4.0

Frequently Asked Questions

MachPanel allows SaaS and cloud service providers to completely automate business operations and offer hosted CRM service that comes up with a lot of features via MachPanel CRM module.

Question: Where do I download MachPanel CRM?

You can download MachPanel once you sign up. There is no separate download for the CRM module. However, it is installed automatically when you install MachPanel Provisioning System. You have the option in the control panel to turn ON/OFF the CRM module and use rest of the features.

Question: Does MachPanel support the resellers and sub-resellers?

Yes, MachPanel supports the concept of resellers and further sub resellers. It also automates the whole process and brings you easy to use control panels for Providers, Resellers and End customers.

Question: Can I create my own service plans and add-ons?

Yes, you can create your own services and other services to sell as Add-on. You can enables/disable features via control panel.

Question: Can I provision CRM in multiple languages?

Yes, multilingual support and multiple currency support are also available.

Question: Can I sell/add-up additional storage and users?

Yes, you can sell additional storage and users as Add-on to your customers.

Question: Can my customers upgrade/downgrade their Plan?

Yes, you can offer the upgrade or downgrade to any service plan you offer.

Question: Can I sell and charge my customer per User?

Yes, you can devise your own billing plans based on either users or packages.

Migration Services
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