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MachPanel is Microsoft validated control panel for Exchange and offers you everything you may need to provision, manage, sell and bill fully segregated and multi-tenant hosted exchange. It is fully private labeled and offers self-control tools for resellers and end-customers. MachPanel supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 and legacy versions.

Exchange 2016 Control Panel with Support of Exchange 2013 & Legacy Version

MachPanel hosted exchange offers you everything you require to design, sell, bill, provision and manage hosted exchange. Whether starting with single exchange server or have a running Exchange Server cluster, MachPanel works with any type of new or existing infrastructure for cloud delivery or on-premise Exchange management.

MachPanel Exchange is known for its user friendliness, stability, flexibility and comprehensive functionality to manage mailboxes, distribution lists, contacts, public folders and all this makes it an ideal choice for Hosting service providers, Teleco’s and SME’s to opt for it.

MachSol can help you upgrade to Exchange 2016 without any down time if you are running any older version of Microsoft Exchange 2013/2010/2007 and 2003.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and schedule a product demo.

Hosted Exchange Service through MachPanel

Hosted exchange service through MachPanel Exchange means more profitability, efficiency, ease and customer satisfaction. Key benefits of using MachPanel for Hosted Exchange 2016 Service are:
  • Service plans designing helps you make custom and ready to use plans to sell
  • Advanced built-in billing system empowers you to have complete billing insights
  • Service selling and Delegated administration control to help you in better management
  • Most advanced Exchange management control panels for providers, resellers and clients
  • Automated provisioning and SPLA reporting help waves off reporting hassles
  • Combined power that bring additional business capabilities and controls

Exchange 2016 is available now. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and schedule a product demo.

Hosted Exchange Power Unleashed

Hosted Exchange Module for MachPanel makes it an extremely advanced, fully brand-able, and affordable control system for seamless delivery of enterprise hosting service.

Following are some of the key features of MachPanel Exchange:

Control Panel
  • Granular Control for Providers and Resellers NEW!
  • Self Service Tool for Reseller, End Customer & even End User
  • Manage Multiple Hosted/Dedicated Exchange environments from a single Control panel
  • Integration with MachPanel Billing, Helpdesk , Network Monitoring Systems, Ecommerce & Offline Order Forms

Exchange Management Features
  • Segregated Tenants
  • Exchange Mail Domains
  • Mailbox Creations and Management
  • Distribution Lists Management
  • Mail Contacts Management
  • Public Folder Management
  • Support of User, Room, Equipment & Linked Mailboxes
  • Mailbox Database Creation & Management
  • Ability to Move Mailboxes from One Database to Other
  • UM Features
  • Active Sync
  • Archiving Management
  • Journaling Management
  • Litigation Hold & Retention Management
  • Company Disclaimer
  • Create Bulk Mailboxes including Linked mailboxes via CSV
  • Download Profile to configure Outlook
  • Manage Automatic Replies for Mailbox
  • Support for CCR and DAG

Billing and Reporting
  • Sell Basic, Standard, Standard Plus, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus Mailboxes or bundled resources using Service Plan
  • Detailed Usage Reports with the ability to Extract in Excel and Auto Schedule
  • SPLA Reporting including Per Customer with the ability to Extract in Excel and Auto Schedule

DNS Management
  • Auto Generated DNS Records for Exchange Domains

Add On
  • State of the art Import Utility for Importing Existing Exchange Users into MachPanel for Management
  • AD Sync 2.0 (On-Premise AD to Hosted AD Sync) NEW!
  • Manage multiple Operations on a Single click using Group Action functionality
  • All versions of Blackberry including BES 10 supported

3rd Party Integration
  • WHMCS Integration NEW!
  • SpamExperts NEW!

There are a lot more features which you can check in MachPanel Exchange Module Datasheet

Turn-Key Hosted Exchange Solution

MachSol Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner, provides rapid deployment of defined scope, fixed cost, turn-key solution of Microsoft based products.

With a qualified team of Microsoft Certified engineers we offer turn-key Microsoft Exchange 2016 solutions that include follow:
  • Designing and recommendation of exchange platform ensuring:
    • High availability, scalability, security
    • Cost effectiveness based on industry knowledge and best practices
  • Installation and configuration of exchange platform
  • Knowledge transfer and maintenance of exchange platform

Microsoft Exchange Migration

MachSol offers complete turnkey solution for migration of legacy exchange platform to state of the art exchange platform ensuring zero/minimal disruption of services to your end customers. We can also help you to migrate from other control panel with ready to go migration toolkits.

Microsoft Exchange 2003 Migration

As Microsoft has ended support for Exchange 2003, so to avoid any possible Risk to your business, we recommend migration to Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013.

MachPanel Exchange Requirements

These are MachPanel Provisioning System's minimum service requirements.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2016/2013/2010/2007

  • MachPanel Control Server
  • MachPanel remote server on :
    • Mailbox role
    • CAS server (in case of Exchange 2010 /hosting mode)
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2016/2013/2010/2007
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 database server /2012
  • Active Directory infrastructure and defined privileged access rights for MachPanel provisioning service account

Frequently Asked Questions

MachPanel allows SaaS and cloud service providers to completely automate business operations, provisioning, management, helpdesk and billing and a lot more.

Question: Where do I download Hosted Exchange Module?

There is no separate download for the module. It is installed automatically when you install MachPanel Provisioning System. You have the option in the control panel to turn ON/OFF the module.

Question: Can I buy Hosted Exchange Module as stand-alone product?

No, you cannot. Hosted Exchange Module is a MachPanel module which means it extends MachPanel core functions to include extended capabilities.

Question: Does MachPanel support the concept of resellers?

Yes, MachPanel supports the concept of resellers. You can create and manage unlimited resellers. MachPanel provides self-service control panel for reseller from where they can create and sell services within the limits of what the provider has provided.

Question: What are some of the features that will be provided by Hosted Exchange Module? Will users be able to manage User Accounts, Email Accounts, and Mailbox Features?

There are many self-management aspects of Hosted Exchange Module. The short answer is yes! For complete list of features, please check the features tab above.

Question: Can I create Basic/Standard/Standard+ mailboxes?

Yes, you can create Basic/Standard/Standard+ mailboxes and on top of this you can sell additional resources as add-ons by using MachPanel.

Question: Can I sell/add-up additional storage on a mailbox and mailbox features?

Yes, you can sell additional storage or mailbox features via Add-on’s. A customer can subscribe to the require add-on’s directly from his control panel.

Question: Can my customers upgrade from Basic/Standard mailboxes to Standard+ mailboxes?

Yes, you can allow your customers to upgrade/downgrade a service plan or mailbox from Basic to Standard or Standard plus and vice versa.

Question: Can I sell and charge my customer per mailbox?

MachPanel allow you to sell per user and on top of this offers you detailed usage reporting to further facilitate the billing process.


Duration Time: 14 days from product installation date

Cost: $799

Includes: MachPanel minimal setup, installation, integration (excludes integration of existing services), activation and up to two hours comprehensive training. POC duration time is 14 days and will start from product installation date. MachPanel client activation limit is 25 licenses and will be automatically adjusted after final purchase. All work is performed by MachSol experienced and trusted in-house certified engineers. In addition to MachPanel Standard Support (included) we offer Consultancy and Professional Services for Microsoft applications (not included).

Within 14 days of POC there is a 'GO-NO GO' decision. If licensee decides to 'GO forward', the paid amount will be credited towards the final purchase price.

If a 'NO-GO forward', MachPanel POC license will be deactivated. No credit or refund will be issued. Licensee will be required to fully uninstall the POC product within 24 hours after deactivation.

Other Terms and Conditions may apply. Questions? Contact Sales for more information.

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